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      Eat Yourself Lean

      Factor 75 delivers prepared meals that are nutritious, affordable and created to enhance mind and body performance for all levels of fitness enthusiasts. Oh, and they’re delicious, too. What are you waiting for?
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      Meal Planning And Performance Eating With Factor 75

      Overall Factor 75 is an easy and satisfying way to eat smart and get the results individuals want. I also have a hard time planning healthy meals ahead of time, so I greatly support Factor 75.
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      Factor 75: Meals for On-The-Go Cheeky Girls

      You don’t have to give up what YOU want to eat with Factor 75. It’s catered to get you eating right with exactly what you want. Factor 75 is meant to improve your life and make you happier. It’s not just a change for your eating habits-- it’s a lifestyle. So expect great taste with great nutrition.
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      Lindsay R.

      "Lifesaver!!! I'm generally a health-conscious person who likes to exercise and stay fit. However, I just delivered my 1st child 3 weeks ago and not only have I not been able to really exercise for months, but now I want to lose baby weight and have ZERO time to prepare my own meals. Here's where Factor 75 came in: I'm no longer limited to standard take out menus with low quality ingredients which won't do me any favors weight-wise. Not only is the food from Factor 75 healthy and well-balanced, but it tastes great! I'm now on my way back to my pre-baby body with the help of these meals :) My favorites are the butternut squash lasagna and the shrimp w/okra. Factor 75's website and ordering process has also been a seamless, pleasant experience. Thank you, Factor 75!!!"

      Jeff K.

      "I just finished my five different meals from Factor 75. The website is very informative, clean, and simple. The ordering process was very easy and meals arrived a couple days after. I ordered the detox salmon salad, sloppy turkey, turkey chili, burrito bowl, and the chicken enchiladas. I have to say that I'm impressed. Every meal is full of flavor. Great job Factor 75!!!

      Colleen B.

      "I can't say enough good things about Factor 75. The quality of food, prices, and service is nothing short of excellent. There is a variety of food options, the process is easy, and the food is so good and filling, it's hard to believe how healthy the meals are. All the food has been great, but so far my favorite is the Butternut Squash Lasagna; I have to order it every time! The staff has also been extremely responsive and friendly when I've had questions. This is the perfect alternative to cooking for a busy professional who doesn't have a ton of time at home to cook healthy meals. I highly recommend Factor 75!"

      Nicole C.

      "As a person who works out regularly and prefers to cook healthy meals, but doesn't always have the time, Factor75 is a great solution to make sure I don't compromise my diet with last minute unhealthy foods. On top of it all, the meals taste great! I just finished my first week of meals as a beta customer and can honestly say that I already have a few favorites and cant wait to try more. What I really love about this service is that it doesn't feel or taste like a diet , its similar to meals I would be making at home anyway."

      Lindsay L.

      "I've tried 4 of the meals now and I love each one more than the last. It tastes so fresh and all of them are so flavorful. I always get the medium and it is the perfect amount of food. I will be getting a lot more of these!"

      Press Releases

      Your New Year’s Resolution Should Start Now

      Factor 75 Offers Seasonal Menu Options and Tips for Healthy Habits Heading into the Holiday Eating Season

      November 2013

      Healthy Meal Delivery Brand Factor 75 Is Now Serving Breakfast

      Factor 75 is dedicated to improving lives by offering delicious, optimally nutritious meals designed to enhance mind and body performance

      October 2013

      Healthy Meal Delivery Brand, Factor 75, now available in Chicago

      Created in response to fact that 75% of fitness results come from what we eat

      April 2013