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      Pa?le?o?lith?ic (adj.)

      The overarching concept of the Paleo diet is to follow what our paleolithic ancestors, the 'cavemen', would have eaten over 100,000 years ago - during the ice age.

      Paleo practitioners may attribute inflammation to sugary, starchy processed foods - and so they eliminate them from their daily diet. Emphasis instead is placed on mostly whole food sources of lean protein, fruits and vegetables, low-glycemic carbs, and healthy fats.

      The Paleo Plan

      • Concentrate on quality grass-fed/free-range protein & fiber
      • Cook with unprocessed oils like ghee and coconut oil
      • No processed foods
      • No refined sugar
      • No grains (gluten-free)
      • No dairy

      At Factor 75, we have our own Nutritional
      Philosophy, based off of cutting edge research and feedback from our Advisory Board. Though we aren't strictly Paleo, we do provide some excellent Paleo meal options.

      At Factor 75, the definition of Paleo that guides us in creating our Paleo meals is:

      • Larger portions of meat and vegetables
      • No grains, soy, or chemicals
      • Increased fiber content
      • Zero added sugar
      • Free-range, and grass fed produce and proteins
      • Includes sweet potatoes and ghee/clarified butter
      Brisket Plate Brisket Plate

      Paleo Benefits

      Research has shown that adherence to a Paleo diet can:

      Improve sleep patterns

      Sustained energy throughout the day

      No sugar crashes

      Improve heart healthy blood pressure

      Decrease bodily inflammations

      Increase oxygen delivery through increased iron intake

      No gastric irritants

      Improved skin, hair & nails

      A few of Factor 75's favorite Paleo foods:

      Steak with Tomato Basil Salsa

      Brisket Plate

      Beef & Sesame Green Beans

      Explore Other Healthy Eating Options